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High Performance, Low Cost, Wired or Wireless

Introducing our CK250 a high performance handsfree car kits which provides in expansive solutions for your needs for mobile phone communications in your cars.

Bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2 Connectivity

Your can easily connects your mobile phones with CK250 handsfree car kits by using standard Bluetooth technology built-in your phones. Each CK250 can pair up to 4 Bluetooth mobile phones in its memory at the same time and there will be an automatically re-connections with the priority phone or search next avaible one as soon as the user enter into the car and turn on the ignition.

Freedom in Control

You have the choices of either wired or wireless remote control depending on your requirements. Wired remote control provides a very price competitive solution for you while inexpensive wireless remote control offers total freedom and safest handsfree operation throughout the whole driving. Both wireless and wired remote controls are easy to control and operate.

Three Different Packages to Maximize the Sound Output Quality

Triamp CK250 has built-in mute functions and supports muting in different types of cars by three different packages which you can choose:

Standard: this package comes with external speaker

Business: this package comes with ISO1 cable with an audio switch box. This is suitable for cars that do not have support either ISO function or for cars that do not have mute function in their cars.

Hi Fi Comfort: this package comes with ISO2 cable which is suitable for cars that supports both ISO connection and mute function in car radio.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

1. Bluetooth 1.2 Compliance (Downward Compatible with 1.1).
2. Class 2, operating range up to 10 meters.
3. Supports HF profile.
4. Supports pairing up to 4 Bluetooth mobile phones.
5. Answer, redial last call, reject, end, voice activation, pairing, and reset functions.
6. Stylish and easy to use 4-button wired remote control.
7. Full duplex and two-way voice recognition. Excellent voice quality enabled by cutting-edge noise suppression and echo cancellation mechanism.
8. Supports voice dialing and voice command embedded in the handset (both speaker independent and dependent methods) with one button access.
9. Easy software upgrade via special data cable provided by Triamp.
10. Operating on 12/24v vehicles.
11. 3.5 mm Line-out connector for external speaker, and optional ear piece for voice privacy.
12. Sun-visor mounted directional microphone.
13. Choice of wired or wireless remote control

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